It kinda started with travel…

G’day! Scotty here ??

I’m a total goofball with a serious side for business and online wealth!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to change the status quo surrounding the traditional way we work. I had a dream to change the way I was living for a VERY long time. I hated the idea of working a soul-sucking retail job to fund my vacations. I craved a work life balance that gave me TRUE freedom – a life where I could live on my terms and work for myself. How were these versions of freedom ever going to be met under the limitations of working for someone else?

The short answer – They weren’t! So I embarked on a journey to remove them, and that journey started with travel…

10 years ago, I cast all my fears aside and slowly began building my first business – creating marketing collateral and digital content for brands and businesses as a photographer & social media marketer. Suddenly, my life became a whole lot more interesting! I was travelling to exotic parts of the world, working with some of the largest tourism businesses on the planet. I’d spend my days writing, photographing and producing video for luxury stays and destinations.

Sounds like an easy ‘dream come true’ story right? What’s often omitted from stories like mine, is what it really took to make it happen…

Somewhere along the line, things just weren’t working anymore

Completely exhausted and mentally drained, I was always wondering when the next paycheck would come!

Having to acquire clients that were rarely interested in paying my fee became a huge struggle! I’d built a strong reputation as a content creator but building a business that paid consistently was becoming increasingly difficult. I was pouring all my time and energy into the business and was left with no time for myself. I was tired of trading so much of my time for money. I became SO frustrated! The back and forward process with clients, continually being underpaid (or not at all) was a mental battle. I was struggling to grow my business and it became more of a chore. I had to make many sacrifices to build a business that I was proud of. So, while I loved the work, it was clear that it was becoming increasingly unsustainable.

I knew then I had to make some changes quickly in order to grow and re-calibrate. I knew I had to shift to an automated business to free up some of my time – and that was difficult!

Here’s the thing about growth – it’s never comfortable. To create the life I wanted, I had to become a different person. I had to start thinking differently to those around me – it can certainly be challenging.

It left me searching the internet for answers and pieces to the puzzle to fix the framework I needed to develop a new and sustainable business.

This brought me to…

Freedom Affiliate Launch

A simple and ‘zero bullshit’ online business model.

This program shows you step by step the EXACT framework you need to build a successful, automated online lifestyle business without all the fluff.

It gave me the foundational information I needed to propel me forward and to stop overthinking everything I was previously doing.

It was the actionable advice that literally held my hand the entire way through.

As someone who was always helping others achieve their business goals and aspirations, I had to take on further education of my own in order to help myself and my business to continue to grow. 

I’ve since replaced my income online & get to finally experience what true freedom really is.