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I’m Scotty ?? I’m a frequent traveller & outdoor and adventure enthusiast!

I swapped the dreaded confines of my disgusting, soul destroying retail job a few years back, and replaced my income online.

I took a wild leap a few years back and decided to invest in myself and build an online business that could fund my travels full-time.

Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d turn that dream into reality, having now replaced my income online.

I went from feeling stuck, uninspired and complacent in a job I despised, to spending quality time with those I love, travelling when I feel the need and plenty of cuddles with my beautiful dog, Brandy.

Now this is the life I signed up for!

But How Did I Do It?

👉🏼 I got incredibly clear on how I wanted my life to look & exactly how to achieve it.

👉🏼 I learnt real-world, transferable digital skills and how to leverage the power of the internet.

👉🏼 And I did the actual work – I stopped dreaming about it and finally took action.

And now, I can’t wait to share all of this lifechanging info with you!
my mission
Empower you to start living
life on your terms.

My mission is to provide a resource that simplifies ‘going digital’ & makes this dream accessible for the average, everyday person (just like you and I). 

I want you to experience that FREEDOM FEELING by altering the way you work and earn forever.